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In recent years, uncertainty and the dynamism are a constant in our business reality. In this context, organizations are in continuous transformation, so it is difficult to think that they will continue to operate indefinitely in the same way.
Thus, the strategic business vision, deep knowledge of the environment and a competitive advantage based on resources and capacities that are difficult to imitate, are key elements to understand this constant and respond with opportunity.

Since our inception, we provide consulting and advice to:

  • Haute couture
  • Bedding and White Line
  • Workwear
  • Sports and leisure clothing
  • Leather clothing and accessories
  • Avios in general
  • Footwear and leather goods
  • Design, Marketing and Events

What is Our Proposal for the Textile Industry?

  • Strategic planning.
  • Survey, diagnosis and measurement:
    • Of the organizational climate.
    • Of internal communication.
    • Of integration and intersectoral cooperation.
  • Negotiation with unions and suppliers. Debt renegotiation.
  • Logistics and distribution.
  • Non-Quality Costs.
  • We design and install a Comprehensive Quality Management System that includes:
    • Continuous improvement
    • Quality assurance
    • Management indicators
    • Multifunctionality of the staff
    • Quality costs, etc
  • TPM (Total Productive Management).
  • Statistical Process Control, to minimize the level of losses.
  • Production Planning and Control.
  • Survey of Markets and Brand Positioning.
  • Implementation of Environmental Management Systems.
  • Risk Assessment Analysis.
  • Environmental Audit.
  • Fire Prevention.
  • Crisis Management.
  • Quality Management System Audit.
  • Non-traditional audits adjusted to the needs of each company within the Industry.
  • Organizational Image Design.
  • Marketing.
  • Analysis and Research.
  • Carrying out promotional campaigns or product launches.
  • Advertising Strategies.
  • Design and Assembly of Events.
  • Graphic Design and Production.

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