Organizational development

The process of knowing and adapting the culture, performance and health of the general functioning of the organization

Organizational Development Management

Organizations are living and dynamic bodies. Made up of people in constant evolution. People, their internal and external context, the resources they have and to which they can access always change, transform, increase and also decrease.

Solutions to Management Problems

The organization's strategy, its competitiveness, its organizational health, the culture it holds, the values that leverage or restrict it, as it may be; they constitute a set of components that result in the need for change, which must be managed and administered effectively.

We have created the Line of Solutions for your Organizational Development, with the purpose of improving the quality of the results, acting in all these aspects, managing and administering the change process; taking care of the improvement of the organizational environment at all times.

We want to motivate you, showing you that the inexorable end of some organizations can be avoided by implementing the Most Modern and Profitable Organizational Development Technology. Materializing the challenge of improving to grow.

The tools

Guaranteed solutions to meet your Organizational Development needs in your company or organization.

Strategy and Culture

  • Review and Alignment
  • Strategic Review.
  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational culture . Cultural Change Project
  • Balanced Scorecard. Business Definitions
  • Implementation of Effective Communication Strategies

Organizational Continuous Improvement Process

  • Training and Skills Development
  • Customer loyalty
  • Training of Instructors and / or Facilitators 
  • Executive Coaching
  • Costs of Non-Quality

Management systems

  • Quality
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Environment
  • Commercialization
  • Digital transformation
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Cyber security
  • Human Capital Development
  • Maintenance of the International Standards Certification
  • Development of Suppliers / Providers

Diagnostics and Measurements

  • From opinion:
    • Of personal
    • customers
    • Executives
    • Market
    • Labor Commitment and others
  • To apply for the National Quality Award
  • Comprehensive Organizational, on Hygiene and Safety conditions
  • Progress, partial and final results of projects

Technologies to Increase Productivity

  • Command and Control Board
  • Methodologies: Just in Time, 5S and Kan Ban
  • Chain, Logistics and Distribution
  • Process reengineering
  • Total Productive Maintenance
  • Statistical processes control
  • Automation for Improving Customer Service
  • Effective Cost Rationalization
  • Digital transformation
  • E-Business
  • Outsourcing / Outsourcing

Regional Quality and Productivity Programs 

 Debureaucratize and Optimize:

  • The Technical, Educational and Management Processes
  • Extension to the Community.
  • Systematic Communication and Diffusion
  • Economic Development: Exporter, Industrial and Tourist
  • The conservation of the environment
  • Improving the Health System

We Design and Implement Projects with Specific Purposes.

Our services are provided with different modalities: Consulting, Training, High Performance Training, Coaching, Outsourcing, Audit.

Guaranteed results = Zero risk

We distinguish ourselves by being the only ones to provide Real Satisfaction Guarantee
in all our services. By hiring us you will achieve results with a permanently available professional service.

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