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Why did we create this
Solution Line?

We have learned that organizations have the urgent need to ensure the proper functioning of their processes, areas and / or equipment. Verifying at the same time that everything works according to the established policies, norms, procedures and values.

Often the challenge that Organizational Leaders face is effectively managing the constraints of who and how they will do it within their organization. That is, the human resource that will implement and carry out this corresponding verification, evaluation and / or internal audit.

Control and Improvement

It is a real limitation every time you want to verify / audit, monitor or control something with internal resources. Since when trying to take advantage of the availability of willing personnel, sometimes they do not have the appropriate attitude and / or preparation. Or, they are inexperienced, generating in the short and long term, more costs and even exposing your company to avoidable internal conflicts and tensions.

We create the line of Non-Traditional Audits solutions so that your organization can:

  • Be better prepared for an External Audit.
  • Reduce the organizational effort to prepare for any Audit.
  • To raise awareness in an effective and practical way, the use of Internal Audit, as an opportunity for change / improvement.
  • Enrich and / or enhance the choice of the external audit company that best suits your needs.

Our proposal is that you take advantage of our qualified external human resources, so that they act systematically as internal personnel of your organization.

Maximizing the result, with a high degree of commitment and outstanding professionalism.

Our Audit Solutions

Our tools and technologies for control and improvement.

Systems evaluations

Internal control put to the test


Preparation of external audits or assurance of compliance with standards

Advice and Supervision of External Audits

Post External Audits Consulting

Management Coaching Corrective Actions and Improvement Opportunities

Why should an Audit be performed?

These Different types of Services, can be combined for anyone of these Purposes or Needs of the Directorate and / or its Management:  

  • Procedures and methodologies for validating safe work practices in the prevention of COVID 19
  • International Standards:ISO - QS - OHSAS - IATF. Routine consultations in Integrated Management Systems 9000, 14000 and 45000, Transition to ISO 45001, IATF 16949
  • Advice on:
    • Informatic security. ISO 27001.
    • Systems under ISO 13485 certifications. Medical supplies.
  • Productivity Standards:5S - Quality of Attention - Process Efficiency - Work Climate.
  • Integrated Management Systems or of: Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Telephone Assistance, Point of Sale, Critical Control Points, Loss Control, Training, Prevention Management and Crisis Management, Information Security and / or Lean Manufacturing among others. As well as to guide a safe transition to compliance with standards.
  • Transparency :Corporate social responsibility, anti-bribery, anti-corruption (ISO 37001)
  • IT Media Platforms Service: Remote work intercommunication, objective monitoring, indicators in this remote mode.
  • Outsourcing Component Control: In applications such as, for example, Quality Control of parts in auto parts, Quality monitoring (controls and claims) and Repackaging for preparation for line assistance (kan-ban)
  • Advice for Lean Control manufacturing: TOYOTA Production System (TPS)

What types of audits do we carry out?

  • Shopping.
  • Systems. For example applied to Software and / or Hardware.
  • Commercial. These are normally used:
    • At points of sale:
      • To sellers.
      • To representatives / brokers.
    • In Territories or Sales areas.
  • Of marketing. Aimed at: product in a sales position, price, positioning and Image, distribution channels, promotion and campaigns.
  • Of Quality Management Systems. Under different Norms: ISO 9000; QS; TS 16949 and other automatic references.
  • Of Occupational Health and Safety Systems. Under different Standards: ISO, OHSAS 18001: 2000 / IRAM 3800
  • Of Environmental Management Systems. Under the referential ISO 14000.
  • Food Safety.
    • BPM (Good Manufacturing Practices.)
    • BPH (Good Hygiene Practices.)
    • HACCP (Audits of Critical Control Points.)
  • Communication. 
  • Of Productivity. 
  • Socioeconomic Level. 
  • Telephone Service. 
  • Of Work Climate. 
  • Training. 
  • Quality Management Systems in Telecommunications. 
  • Of Integrated Systems: Health, Safety, Environment and Quality.  
  • Health and Safety Audits at Work OHSAS 18001: 1999 
  • Claims Management Systems Audits. 
  • Loss Control. 
  • Personal Attention. 
  • Operational. 
  • Project. 

We configure and execute audits for specific projects.

Our services are provided with different modalities: Consulting, Training, High Performance Training, Coaching, Outsourcing, Audit. In-person and / or remote

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