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What Are We Made Of

Somos una empresa de Consultoría, Capacitación & Auditoría que se ha distinguido y se diferencia, aún hoy, por brindar Garantía Real de Satisfacción.

This means that if the agreed objectives are not met, the client recovers his investment partially or totally, according to the fulfillment of each predetermined stage.

In any case, beyond the important comparative advantage that the Real Satisfaction Guarantee grants with respect to other companies of our type, it should be noted that since 1984, no client has ever had to resort to claiming the investments made: the agreed objectives are always met .

Real Satisfaction Guarantee

We distinguish ourselves by being the only ones we provide Real Satisfaction Guarantee in all our services.

By hiring us you will achieve results with an experienced professional service

Our clients find appropriate solutions in the following fields: Organizational Development, Modern Management of Human Capital, Health and Environmental Management, Non-Traditional Audits and an adequate Management of Image & Communication.

We provide the service In Company or also remotely. Always close to you. Immersed in their reality, facing their challenges together. We have been there. We know very well the restrictions and challenges you face every day.

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Solid experience

Since 1984 , we are specialists in achieving Guaranteed Results for your Organization, the Directorate, the management, the collaborators as well as the universe of suppliers / providers.

We have helped with solutions to our clients always, overcoming all the crises we face as a society. In addition, we have advised them to take advantage of all the opportunities that the market offered.

The technology developed, the experience acquired for more than 35 years; added to the results achieved in more than 250 clients served; confirm the quality of our services.

We are your best option.

Our mission

A Path Forged Based on Effort

Our history


A&G Organizational Development is born. It was born as a need for organizations to increase Quality & Productivity



Another member of the Group specialized in the Development of Human Resources is born. We entered into the agreement with AHI (Alexander Hamilton Institute. NY-USA).



We created the Quality & Productivity Newspaper. Accompanying the world trend of Quality Assurance in America and Quality Management in Europe and Japan.


We created the National Quality Award leading the process, accompanied and supported by a group of more than 100 top-of-the-line companies. Our Health Division is born



We created the Environmental Management and Non-Traditional Audits Division. Consulting Group is born



We present the line of Services to face the Risks of the Change of the Century



We launched our new transactional website with Intranet.


Consolidation and growth



Renewal of our Institutional Image & Communication. The new page and the entire Digital Covid Services strategy are launched in the midst of the Pandemic.


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