COVID-19 assistance

How to face the incidence of the current health alarm in labor relations?

Why did we create this Line of Solutions?

Companies must guarantee the health and safety of the people who make it up. Thus, in the current health alert situation that implies a risk for people, the company must adopt the necessary measures to avoid or, at least, reduce such risk. These measures are those that are deemed appropriate for this purpose, in accordance with the instructions of the health authorities as well as with the risk assessment carried out by the occupational risk prevention service.

Our Assistance for COVID-19

Here you enter a set of solutions that we offer you through:

  1. Procedures and methodologies for the validation of safe work practices in the prevention of Covid-19
  2. Preparation of procedures for similar potential future events
  3. Good recommended practices according to who
  4. Strategic assistance to executives in reserved sections

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Assistance to face the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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