Sustainable Improvement of the Quality of Care to the Affiliate, Patient and Provider 

Quality in all contact points and / or different service channels

For you who must make a convenient decision

Is a Management Methodology Simple, Comprehensive and smart ...

Designed to Prepaid, Social Work, Hospitals / Clinics / Sanatoriums, Medical Centers, Diagnosis or Treatment Centers, Network of Clinicsso that they achieve:

  • Growing up: Differentiating from competitors by Quality of Attention.
  • Improve the Quality of Care: Personal, Telephone and Electronic before Affiliates, Providers, Suppliers and / or the General Public
  • Ensuring the quality of processes that have a relationship and impact on the Quality of Care.
  • Improve Alignment and coordinationwith the Call Center and Sensitive Sectors.
  • Have a Quality Measurement Systemof attention. To correct and improve.
  • Improve operational coordination with critical Providers; regarding the impact on Affiliates, Clients and / or Patients.

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